The End of the world in colors

In 1993 my father spoke extensively about “the end of the world,” perhaps he anticipated the end of “his world,” of his life?


In his view, the lack of ethics, of humanity and consciousness of a savage Neoliberalismwhich had seemingly triumphed everywhere, would lead human societies to a tragic destiny.


Whether his predictions were accurate or not. . .we still can’t tell.


I wonder then if this series of works are an expression of his nightmares of total destruction.


This series of paintings make me think of “that world’ my father spoke of: eviscerated and chaotic.


What do the insides of the world look like? When everything shatters, what colors will spill? What would the light of day, the blood, tears and feces of the “world” look like?


These works make me think that the hell my father imagined is full of beauty.


On the day everything shatters, maybe we will finally be able to see everything as if reflected on a giant mirror-- all the wasted life and joy, the happiness we were unable to attain.

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